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Human Resource

Vietnam has over 400K IT workers [VINASA 3-2009]:

  • Telecom enterprises: over 100,000 workers, 60% of them are IT, telecom, & electronic experts
  • Hardware, electronics: 100,000 workers, 90% of them are IT, telecom, & electronic engineers
  • Software: 35,000 IT workers, 80% are software engineers
  • Digital content: 21,000 workers, 70% are engineers

Abundant supply of skilled labour:

  • 82 million population of which 60% are younger than 30 years
  • 22 million people go to school, including 60 universities and 83% of courses being science/technical subjects
  • Stable and safe environment for business.
  • Low employee turnover rates for software industry




As a company specializing in software outsourcing business, IFI Solution is constantly building a competent and stable staff.

Employees working at IFI Solution are highly qualified engineers led by experienced Managers all of whom graduated from prestigious Vietnamese and International universities. All our key Managers have extensive experience working in international enterprises in the Europe and North America. They are excellent communicators and are fluent in both English and French, and above all, they have a high professional work ethic that is expected of all our employee's and is inherent in our business culture.

A human resource management model specific to software outsourcing business

Engineers in our software development department are organized according to the human resource matrix model. They are classified into groups by their skills and are assigned to projects based upon there expertise.

This management model enables us to deploy a homogeneous human resource strategy. Moreover, any customer shall have the possibility to mobilize our whole staff including key Managers, therefore each project can effectively benefit from many technical competencies acquired from other projects.
  • Our project teams consist of experienced project leaders as well as young passionate engineers.
  • Creativity, autonomy and sense responsibility are what characterize our engineers.
  • All project activities are controlled by our Quality Assurance Department. The processes are continuously updated and improved to meet customers' requirements which are more and more sophisticated.
  • IFI Solution spends lots of efforts in recruiting young engineers. We have them trained by putting them under the command of our experienced junior and senior project leaders.

Continuous human resource development

We not only apply a very strict recruitment process but also carry out continuous training activities on:

  • Working method
  • Skills development
  • New product training
  • Customer business
  • Foreign languages

We use around 8% of our annual operational budget for staff training.


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