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Quality assurance
Skill set

IFI Solution Quality Management System (IQMS)

IFI Solution has a completed quality management system (IQMS) which conforms to ISO 9001:2008. IQMS is certificated in November 2008 by TÜV NORD (Germany).


Typical development process

Feasibility study

  • Technical Proposal-Making Process (IQMS/PR_TPR001)
  • Software Project Planning Process (IQMS/PR_PLN002)

Requirement specification

  • Software Analysis Process (IQMS/PR_SAN001)

Solution specification

  • Software Design Process (IQMS/PR_DES001)
  • Software GUI Design Process (IQMS/PR_DES002)

Solution implementation

  • Software Coding Process (IQMS/PR_COD001)
  • Software Daily Coding Process (IQMS/PR_COD002)

Solution verification/validation

  • Software Test Process (IQMS/PR_TST001)


  • Software Deployment Process (IQMS/PR_DPM001)

Maintenance and support

  • Software Project Management Process (IQMS/PR_SPM001)
  • Software Project Configuration Management Process (IQMS/PR_CFG001)
  • Software Risk Management Process (IQMS/PR_RSK001)
  • Software Project Incident Management Process (IQMS/PR_INC001)

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